Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shya-tell! #2daysinseattle

If you are Filipino, you should already know what the title means. Yup, I'm headed to Seattle this weekend with my husband and rest assured knowing it's going to be one of the gluttonous weekends ever.

I'm an official curator for the "2 Days in Seattle" campaign ( led by Seattle's Convention and Visitor Bureau. Based on my Klout score, I was eligible for this awesome perk which grants me a complimentary weekend in Seattle! Once there, my job is to discover Seattle and share my experiences with my followers! I hope I don't disappoint!

Take a look at my first day:

Ridiculously crazy that I'm even going to attempt eating at all those places! But I am going to do my best! I want to send a thank you to Desa at Klout for arranging my travel plans and to all my friends across all my social networks for your suggestions! I am so excited. Plus! The weather is going to be very pleasant! Nice!

If you want to see my Seattle excursions, be sure to follow my Twitter. My handle is @joanneisafoodie.

Hurry up, Friday! Take care everyone!


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