Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Yucatasia - YUCKA-tasia is More Like It!

Restaurant: Yucatasia
Address: 2164 Mission Street, SF, Between 16th and 17th
Cuisine: Yucatan and Vietnamese
Date Last Visited: July something, don't remember and don't care to remember

The first time that I saw this place, I had to do a double-take because I could not believe my eyes. The sign that said “Vietnamese Sandwiches” already caught my eye, but YUCATAN in the same place? Odd, but interesting. I promised myself that I would try it out someday. So I was online and read about the place and it was called Yucatasia. Ha! Yeah. Combination of Yucatan and Asia. Ha!

Nikkah and I ate in the Mission for lunch, so since I was already in the area, I decided to check it out and maybe grab a sandwich for dinner. I went straight to the lady at the cashier and asked her what type of Vietnamese sandwiches they had. She proceeded to tell me, “Sardine…” She started to go into weird things, and I asked if they had pork. She asked, “Pork roll?” Umm, I GUESS? She started making my sandwich and I had the chance to take some snapshots:

The menus are written on chalkboards, and in all honesty, it didn’t look all that nice to me. So I went near the door where she was making my sandwich and I saw a menu board of the types of Vietnamese sandwiches. I regret not taking a picture of it. But there were sardine sandwiches. Yuck. Ham. Ok. Liverwurst. Yuck. Pork roll. It was not the grilled or BBQ pork that I usually order. It looked like a fat white hot dog, and I did not want it. I saw one sandwich with headcheese and ham, so I asked her if I could change my order. She made my sandwich, I paid the three bucks, and I was off.

When I got home, I decided to take a sneak peek. Before opening it up, the sandwich looks pretty good. The bread was nice and crusty. There looked like to be a decent amount of the shredded carrots.

Inside was another story. Okay, the carrots were okay. There were 2 big pieces of ham and 2 pieces of headcheese. There were only 2 sprigs of cilantro which was bad because I would have wanted a lot more of it. Then I saw the piece of jalapeno in it.

The jalapeno, first of all, was huge. Imagine if I had bit into it. I would have gotten shocked with the spiciness. Second of all, it was not fresh at all. It was old and wrinkled. Totally disgusting. Forgive me for the blurry picture, but trust me, it was old and wrinkly.

My aunt brought some headcheese to the house a few years ago, and I didn’t think it was that bad considering what it is. The headcheese is basically bunch of fat and pieces of meat cooked and molded in some gelatinous goop. As I am writing this, I wondering why in Hell I ordered that instead. There were a lot of peppercorns in it. The more I analyzed it, the more I wondered if this was a good idea to get this.

Granted that headcheese is random pig parts, I liked the flavor. But the texture of all those random parts did not make things more appetizing. There were pieces that were chewy and some were even crunchy. I ended up taking out the headcheese. So I just ate it with the ham, and I realized that I did not like the flavor of the ham, though its texture was a whole lot better than the headcheese’s. I would have liked it a little more if the ham had the headcheese flavor. So I took the ham out. Then I saw that in the middle of the bread was a smear of pate, or liverwurst. YUCK. I do not do liver. So I threw the whole thing out. It was completely inedible. What a waste.

Yes, this is what I think of the sandwiches: YUCK. I could have got with a SARDINE or a PORK ROLL sandwich, but those are not appetizing to me at all. I saw reviews online that were praising this place for their sandwiches. WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY THINKING? I’m sorry. This was just gross. If they are like this with their sandwiches, I do not even want to try their Yucatan food. If they suck at one, they should suck at the other. I think they should make up their mind on which cuisine to make and make it GOOD.


Excuse me while I go gag.

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