Friday, July 27, 2007

Mission Pie: It Seemed Like Mission: Impossible Trying to Find It!

Restaurant: Mission Pie
Address: 2901 Mission Street, The Mission, SF, entrance on 25th
Cuisine: Pies, Tarts, Coffee
Date Last Visited: May 29, 2007

When my sweetie, K, lived in Noe Valley, I found myself getting excited while on the train to 24th and Mission because of all the taquerias and other eateries there. Each time I was there, I tried something new.

One day after leaving his place, I decided to walk along Mission to hopefully make a food find. At that time, I discovered Yelp!, a website that is accessible on my cell’s internet. I read reviews on Yelp! about Mission Pie, and how delicious their strawberry galetes were. If you know me by now, you should know that strawberries are my all-time favorite fruit. So I had to find this place.

I was using Yelp! to help me find the place, but I just could not find it! The address was 2901 Mission St, and said that it was between 25th and 26th. I got off the 48 Muni at 24th, so I thought it would be a breeze to find it, but NO. I walked all the way to 26th, and I just could not find this damn place. Going south, I was on the right side of the street, I should have walked on the left side going south because if I had, I would have seen this little sandwich board on the corner of 25th and Mission.

Yes, the entrance is on 25th, NOT Mission. Jeebus.

So if you see this doorway, you know you’re in the right place. The place does not have a big sign in front of it, so you have to do some searching, which was annoying.

The inside is pretty small. There were about 4 or 5 tables in there. It looks like your usual neighborhood coffee place.

The pies are pretty much out in the open, which I found to be a little weird because anything can just get on them. People can breathe on them, shed on them, who knows what else. Mission High School kids work the register, which I found very cool because this place really cares about children and their futures. Here, they teach the kids responsibility and restaurant management. Awesome.
There were lots of yummy things to choose from:

Walnut tarts and apple pie:

The picture above shows the individual personal sized galettes.

Sweet Potato pie:

But you can see above, the strawberry galletes looked heavenly.

Here at Mission Pie, you can get your strawberry galette in three ways: By the slice from big pie, Individual personal sized or Whole big pie.

I did find the prices to be a little steep, so I just got the slice from the big pie. The young girl at the reg asked me if I wanted whipped cream. They do whip it freah here, but I passed because I wanted to taste the galette in its truest form.

But jeez. This is tiny. I almost demanded a bigger slice, but I didn’t want to scare the children. I mean, I walked for 15 minutes up and down Mission, looking like an idiot, and this is ALL I got? I was getting kind of p’d off. I felt jipped. For the price I paid, I felt I should have gotten more.

OMG. No wonder these suckers are so expensive! Because these are soooooo good. I never ate a pie like this. Usually I pass on fruit pies because the filling is usually like slime with over-sugared fruit pieces. But this is a masterpiece. The crust is flaky and rich. The strawberry topping is sweet and tastes fresh. Not artificial. I sure wish the piece was bigger. I was actually pretty disappointed that I finished it because this has got to be the best strawberry pie I have ever tasted. I felt like the white grandmother who I never had came to life and gave me a hug from the inside.

I was surprised that I didn’t catch myself licking the plate after I was done. My only concern about this place is the water. I asked for a glass of water. Here in San Francisco, I don’t care whether it is tap or not because we have the best tap water there is. BUT here, they keep their glasses on a hot surface or something because even after they put the water in the glass, the glass was on the warm side, which raised the temperature of my water. So by the time I got to my table, my water was lukewarm. Gross. I hate lukewarm water.

But I guess the pie makes up for it.

Now I wish they lowered a price a little…but I doubt that is ever going to happen. They have really great products here. Next time I come, I’m heading straight for the banana cream pie because I have heard so much good stuff about them. I’m not a banana eater, but they are all convincing me to try it out.

You really cannot lose here. This place helps the youth and feeds us great pies. A must-go.

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