Wednesday, May 23, 2007

El Taco Loco - This Place is CUH-RAZY Good

Restaurant: El Taco Loco
Address: 3274 24th Street @ Mission Street
Cuisine: Mexican
Date Visited: May 19, 2007
Dining Partner: My Sweetie, K

I think it is about time that I put in some Latin flavor up in this joint. My sweetie K and I went to this Mission District establishment over the weekend. We had just been to the Asian Heritage Street Fair earlier that day, but we were still mad hungry. So we got off the 14 Mission and there were so many taquerias in the area of 24th and Mission. I suggested that we go to El Farolito (aka El Fart’s to me and my friends), but he suggested El Taco Loco. I was up for it because I liked trying new places.

It’s a colorful place with murals depicting Mexican history on the walls. =) That’s why I love the Mission. It’s so vibrant.

So K ordered his usual: a carne asada super burrito with no salsa ($6.50) And I ordered my usual super Quesadilla Suiza with grilled chicken ($7) and a side of rice ($0.75). We also ordered a large strawberry agues frescas to share. I love their strawberry drink! It was so refreshing. We killed it immediately.

What I like about this place is that they have a salsa bar. So there was pico de gallo, salsa verde (my favorite), and to my delight lime halves and a cilantro/onion mixture. You should all know by now how much I LOVE cilantro.

After I brought the condiments to the table and after the waitress brought us so chips and our food, it all looked like this:

My quesadilla was HUGE! I squeezed fresh lime juice and sprinkled some cilantro on it while it was still hot. The “super” quesadilla suiza has the meat (grilled chicken for moi), lots of ooey-gooey melted Jack cheese and the guacamole and sour cream is put in there instead of on the side. I like it inside because everything is nice and hot!

I love Spanish rice. No wait, I love rice, period. I needed this to cut the richness of the quesadilla. It was perfectly cooked and mildly flavored.

K ate his burrito with a quickness, but I could only finish one piece of the quesadilla. I don’t know how big the tortilla was that was used to make my quesadilla, but I couldn’t eat it all in one sitting definitely. I loved how the filling inside was all melted together. Oh my gosh, I am so hungry right now thinking about it. The chicken in it was so flavorful and the whole thing was so rich and creamy. That salsa verde really works in cleansing your palate.

I think that’s how I got full really fast. I would take a bite of the quesadilla, a bite of rice and then had a couple of chips dipped in salsa verde. That salsa is so good.

I would definitely come back here. It’s a clean place, which is good because not all taquerias are created equal. PLUS! It’s really convenient because you just have to take BART or the 14, 27, or 48 Munis and just cross the intersection. It’s right across from the McDonald’s. Just look for this mural on the 24th St. side of McDonald’s and it’s right across the street:

This place is CRAZY GOOD.

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